Season greetings and discounts: 25% discount on all Perpetuum components

Ekaterina Nebogina

This wonderful year is inevitably comes to the end. It’s high time to sum up the results and say thanks to our customers and visitors.


To spread some holiday cheer your way we’d like to make you an offer to purchase any Perpetuum product with 25% discount.



To get 25% discount you need to:

  • Go to our online store and select the product you want to purchase.
  • Select product edition and click buy now.
  • Enter this code at the checkout page: NY2017.
  • Complete your order.

This offer is valid till December 31, 2016.


Pick up great deals on Christmas time!


If you need any assistance placing your order, please contact our sales team at


December 15th, 2016

Black Friday: 50% discount for all Perpetuum components for reporting and data visualization

Ekaterina Nebogina

Perpetuum Software announces a big Black Friday sale for all .Net components for reporting and data visualization.

On November 21-27, you will be able to purchase any Perpetuum products with 50% discount.


black friday 2016


Just use this promo code when placing your order: BlackFriday2016

Place your order online:

If you need any assistance placing your order, please contact our sales team at


November 23rd, 2016

Design accumulated balance reports in your mobile database for Android and Windows 10

Ekaterina Nebogina

A new version of MobiDB Database Designer with the ability to generate accumulated balance reports has been published recently.
Perpetuum Software announces the availability of a new version of the Android and Windows 10 application designed to create complex relational databases for small and medium businesses that is now able to generate accumulated balance reports.

Keeping some business information in a mobile database is great. Nevertheless business demands are not just in keeping and tracking some information in a database, business users want to get some aggregated information, such as accounting balance as of the specific date, quantity of product items in stock, etc. Now they can create these simple reports in MobiDB Database Designer.
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November 8th, 2016

NASA researches use MobiDB as a field science and outdoor notetaking app

Ekaterina Nebogina

Customer bio

My name is Ethan Schaefer. I’m a Ph.D. candidate at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona in Tucson. My professional interests cover a wide range of planetary geology, but this particular project focuses on lava flows. (To be clear, I mean lava flows that have long since stopped flowing. I suppose one could call them “fossil” or “solidified” lava flows, but neither of those terms is used in science.)
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August 26th, 2016