Perpetuum Software is in Top 100 Bestselling Publishers on ComponentSource.

Ekaterina Nebogina
Perpetuum Software, a premier vendor of reporting, data visualization and UI components for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, HTML5 and Windows 8, is happy to announce that it was awarded with the ComponentSource Top 100 Bestselling Publisher Award 2014-2015.
The awards are based on real orders from the customer as well as on the customers’ feedback; they help people differentiate and select quality software components that help them save on the development costs and time-to-market.

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November 26th, 2015

Promoting mobile app: how it was (a real story)

Ekaterina Nebogina

Anticipating comments of the experienced mobile developers and vendors in respect to this article that everything described in it is already known and it tells nothing new, I would like to say that this is not an abstract article of the standard promotion options and tricks on the mobile market. The article is of how we used these methods and what results we got. The article is full of charts and pictures containing real information. We are ready to share it. I think even persons experienced in mobile app promotion would be interested in reading this article, comparing to their experience and, probably, discussing it in comments.
The story is that our team of developers in respect to no perspective in the main operation direction due to availability of quite a good number of big competitors had to switch its activity to the other direction – development of mobile apps. Fortunately, there are instruments that allow using previous development experience and expertise, and not to begin from scratch.
Nothing similar happened to the marketing department and promotion of mobile apps. Promotion of software development components is obviously different from marketing of mobile applications.
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November 18th, 2015

Relational database app for mobile platforms with support for Chinese characters

Ekaterina Nebogina

MobiDB Database Designer, Android and Windows 10 general-purpose database app, was developed with specific customers in mind, is localized to multiple languages and supports specific characters as chinese and arabic.

About the customer

I am principal of a Real Estate and Investment company based in Hong Kong and working internationally.


I have been using relational databases for almost 20 years. I started with Smartlist To Go for Palm, and when Palm for business has gone, I was forced to migrate to HandBase. After using HandBase for the last half dozen of years, I found that they have not adapted to the changes in the scalable, mobile platform, and not able to adapt to the Chinese Unicode language input. These two reasons forced me to investigate the alternatives and I found MobiDB to be most promising.
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November 12th, 2015

Collaborate on your databases with colleagues, friends and family members with MobiDB Database Designer!

Ekaterina Nebogina

Perpetuum Software announces a new version of its general purpose relational database app for Android and Windows 8.1/10 that now offers the ability to provide multi-user access to a database, collaborate and synchronize all modifications.

MobiDB Database Designer is a database app able to design complex databases with multiple relations, calculated values, ability to import and export data, print and share entries. Now a user can create a database, set up the fields and general structure of the database and share it for joint use with the colleagues, friends or family members. Everyone can make modifications and sync the changes regardless the platform (Android or Windows), so they will be available for all users who have access to the database.
More information on how to set up multi-user access can be found here:
Another long awaited feature is the ability to attach files to the entries. Users can enclose any file types: from pictures to text files or any specific format files. The attached file is kept inside the database and can be saved to external storage at any moment.
Some minor bug fixes improve app performance and user experience.
Try MobiDB Database Designer for your personal use or for your business tasks and see how the app can help.

Get MobiDB on Windows Store

Get MobiDB on Windows Store


October 29th, 2015