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Probably you, dear visitors of our website, already know that from the middle of September, 2011 we totally rebrand our products. Most likely, you will ask, “Why did you spend so much time to re-name your products?”

I will try to answer this question. First of all, this is not just renaming, this is collecting most of our products under a single strong brand. Why? Because these products are so closely integrated that they can be joined in one line. I thinks it’s not a secret that quite a big part of functionality including licensing, export and other low level parts are common for all products (except for SharpShooter Diagrams that stays apart from the line).

And expressly to emphasize strong connection between all the components included in the .Net ModelKit Suite, they all got prefix SharpShooter. By the way, the product itself joining all components got the name SharpShooter Collection.

We choose SharpShooter as a name for the product line, as we believe that it precisely addresses specifics of our components. Sharpshooter is a person who can accurately hit the target from the longest range. Our products, like this person, allow you to create any even the most non-standard report, gauge, configure dashboard and OLAP-table, draw chart with the same accuracy.

Now about the inside changes. I would like to calm you: new products are completely compatible with the old ones. They use the same DLL names and name spaces and most interfaces didn’t change. So, you don’t need to re-write your code to use new product instead of the old one (of course, if you don’t want to use new features). It’s just enough to install new version of the component as if you upgrade to a new product version, for example from 5.2 to 5.3. You can also notice that in spite of change of names we use continuous numbering of the versions.

Well, let’s review all changes to the products in detail. Below you can see a table showing connections between the old and new products.

Old Name New Name Comments
.NET Model Kit Suite SharpShooter Collection This product still has Win, Web and Professional editions
Report Sharp-Shooter Win SharpShooter Reports.Win One install package for all Reports editions
Report Sharp-Shooter Web SharpShooter Reports.Web One install package for all Reports editions
Report Sharp-Shooter Win+Web SharpShooter Reports.Win

SharpShooter Reports.Web

This edition is not supported any longer. Please, consider purchasing Enterprise edition or SharpShooter Reports.Win and

SharpShooter Reports.Web separately.

Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight One install package for all Reports editions
New Edition! SharpShooter Reports. Enterprise This edition contains all editions of SharpShooter Reports:

SharpShooter Reports.Win, SharpShooter Reports.Web and

SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight

Report Sharp-Shooter Professional SharpShooter Reports.Prefessional Includes full source code of SharpShooter Reports
Instrumentation Model Kit SharpShooter Gauges
Chart Model Kit This product is now a part of SharpShooter Dashboards and SharpShooter OLAP. Standalone product is not supported
OLAP Model Kit This product is a part of SharpShooter OLAP and is delivered with charts.
OLAP + Charts SharpShooter OLAP SharpShooter OLAP is delivered together with SharpShooter Charts
Dashboard Suite SharpShooter Dashboards

As you can see, we made several serious changes in our product line. First of all, we don’t market Chart ModelKit any longer. After release of MS Charts this product doesn’t seem promising. Though, this product is still available in SharpShooter OLAP and SharpShooter Dashboards. That is why if you want to continue using it, you will just need to renew and you will get license for any of this products at your discretion.

Besides that, we don’t separate OLAP ModelKit and OLAP+CHART ModelKit and replaced them with a single product SharpShooter OLAP providing the ability to use OLAP and charting components.

The third significant change to the product line is addition of SharpShooter Reports.Enterprise. This product contains all SharpShooter Reports editions for all technologies. At the moment they are: Windows Forms, Web (ASP.NET and HTML5+JavaScript components) and Silverlight. In the near future we are planning to increase technology line supported by our components; products for new technologies will be added to this edition.

Most likely, you still have additional questions. Please review FAQ on new products in our knowledge base or drop us a message at [email protected].

Hope these changes won’t confuse you and in opposite will contribute to increasing harmony of our product line.

September 27th, 2011

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