Windows 8 Weather Widget Soon in the Windows Store!

Ekaterina Nebogina

At last we started final tests of Windows 8 weather widget that uses HTML5-based gauges we offer in Perfect Widgets to visualize information on what the weather is outside.
The application uses Windows 8 geolocation service that automatically defines location of the user in any part of the world and shows weather information for the user location. Windows 8 device users can immediately get the following information: temperature, pressure, humidity, precipitation, cloud amount.

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All these metrics are represented by attractive and vivid JavaScript gauges created in Windows Design style. The gauges are built in the visual designer of the Perfect Widgets component that includes 150+ pre-set standard gauges and 20 Windows 8 styled controls besides those used in the Weather Widget.
Search for Windows 8 Weather Widget in the Windows Store shortly!
Download Perfect Widgets for Windows 8 and start designing gauges for your WinRT applications!

January 30th, 2013

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