Reliable multi-platform reporting component for the most complicated reporting challenges.

Ekaterina Nebogina

Development of professional and stable business software is a real challenge for developers. It’s also time and resource consuming. To save time and money developers prefer to use universal development frameworks and packages including grids, charts, calendars, tree views, textboxes, menus and other tools including reporting components. Such packages cover most development tasks. But when it comes to more complicated and specific issues they seem to be not flexible enough to address them.
silverlight, wpf and winrt report viewers
Perpetuum Software focused on a flagship reporting component to make it a good fit even for the most challenging reporting tasks. SharpShooter Reports has 12+ years of successful history full of happy customers from multinational corporations to freelancers who value company reliability and loyalty to developers’ productivity and success.
SharpShooter Reports is able to deliver reports to the most popular platforms: WinForms, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, Silverlight, WPF, and WinRT. It can use multiple data sources available in the application: all .NET data sources, ADO.NET objects, business objects, integrated SQL and XAML.
The component is extremely flexible due to the powerful script engine and a convenient script editor that help designing non-standard and industry-specific reports by just adding few short expressions. Need to precisely position report elements? Count number and width of columns depending on the content? Generate dynamic reports? Highlight selected report elements? Any other special requirement? SharpShooter Reports will easily address all the above tasks and even many more.
Rich data visualization options such as built-in charts and gauges will help developers design dashboard-like reports and make data easy-to-read and understand. Adding pictures and bar codes, availability of pre-set report styles make reports look professional and seamlessly fit into the application style.
Designed reports of various types (group, master-detail, sub-reports, cross-tab, side-by-side) can be exported to external files for further use and analysis out of the application. Vast export options are available: PDF, HTML, XLSX, CSV, RTF, XML, TXT, etc. Email, print or share the generated documents for further collaboration.
End users will definitely like the ability to easily navigate through reports via hyperlinks or bookmarks, search for necessary information, zoom in and out and print the document being reviewed.
Plenty of technical materials, documentation and unprecedented technical support make exploration and integration of SharpShooter Reports into your corporate system easy and comfortable. Unlike big companies with overloaded technical support personnel (which is usually outsourced) Perpetuum’s support engineers have deep expertise in the component because they are engaged in the product development, they perfectly know the component from the inside and are able to offer better solutions faster.
“We are very flexible. So, when the customers ask us to add features that are critical for their business projects and we see that it would be helpful to other customer and would add value to our product we can change our development plans a little to make our customers happy with our reporting tool”, says Vitaly Korney, team lead at Perpetuum Software. “We know that our users very often have specific requirements to reports and our developers do their best to address users demand for doing complicated things in a convenient manner”, continues Vitaly.
Try SharpShooter Reports for the most challenging reporting tasks to become twice more productive!
SharpShooter Reports is distributed royalty-free. Source code is available.

August 6th, 2014

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