Creating Daily Schedule Reports using SharpShooter Reports (Part III)

Maxim Edapin
Daily Schedule Report

Schedule #3: All appointments for the same date, time, and department are displayed in one field.

We can often face a necessity to have an illustrative daily schedule. I faced such task as well.

So, let’s assume we have several departments and every department has some assigned appointments. How to build a schedule of department appointments for some date? How to know what a Department B will be doing from 3 to 5 PM? What are Department A and C doing at that time?
Create a report using SharpShooter Reports!

In the first and the second parts of the articles series devoted to the creation of various daily schedules we started from building a simple Windows Forms application that displays the reports and created two schedules:
1. A simple schedule of appointments for every department
2. A schedule of appointments grouped by date and displayed in parallel for every department.

In this tutorial we will create a really professional schedule where all appointments will be also grouped by time and department, but if a department has several appointments for the same time, they will be displayed in one line or field.

Download the tutorial as PDF…

October 22nd, 2012

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