MobiDB Grand Update: common account for Android and Windows 10 apps, OneDrive synchronization, new interface.

Ekaterina Nebogina

Perpetuum Software announces a new version of MobiDB Database Designer, a professional relational database application for Android and Windows 10, which now offers the ability to have the app for both platforms under a single account.

New User Accounts

Now MobiDB offers the ability have the app for all supported platforms under a single account. Now when you purchase the app you will need to pay once to get access to the Android and Windows 10 apps. Just login in the app on any device, synchronize your databases and keep working with the equal set of features on any platform and device.

We now offer packaged licenses for small teams and big enterprises. More information on new product offerings is available here:

New User Interface in Android App

Following the material design guidelines of Google and addressing our customer requirements and requests we changed user interface of our Android app in respect to navigation and quick access to the most frequently used functions.

Now users can quickly navigate between the database tables and even tables in different databases with just a couple of taps without the need to go back to the initial screen. It saves time for navigation and increases performance.

OneDrive synchronization

The users can now select cloud storage – OneDrive or DropBox – they will use to synchronize and share the created databases.

Advanced Sorting and Filtering by Multiple Columns

MobiDB is now able to sort and filter data in tables by multiple columns. You can set selected values filter, and all other standard excel-like filters and combine them in several columns. It is also possible to save the applied filters and apply them when necessary.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

A new version of MobiDB Database Designer also offers minor improvements and bug fixes.
A new version offers more power and convenience working with and storing your information in a database. Stay mobile and keep track of your records!

Get on Windows Store

Get on Windows Store


May 26th, 2016

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