A set of handy products for Windows 8.1 from the Perpetuum team

Ekaterina Nebogina

Perpetuum team does a lot of research on new technologies and Windows 8 was the one we got interested in once it became available for developer preview. We ported one of our existing products – Grapholite – to Windows RT platform. Grapholite Diagrams for Windows 8 was designed in full compliance with Windows Store guidelines with complete support for touch and mouse interfaces.
It was just the beginning. More Windows 8 applications and components were developed by Perpetuum team while making research. They are Gmail Connect, Grapholite Mind Maps, Vector ArtStudio, SharpShooter Reports.WinRT, WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services, Perpetuum UI Controls. All the products are now compatible with Windows 8.1.
The latest application that was published in the Windows Store is Number Mill. This is a dynamic formula calculator that is very handy when Excel is too much and a common calculator is insufficient. It has a clear and simple UI. Answers are shown as you type. It’s able to reference results of other expressions, use all arithmetic operations, perform percent and trigonometric calculations, etc. Users can save a calculation sheet for further use in the application or to export it to text or spreadsheet.
Number Mill got positive feedback from the respected and professional reviewers specializing in Windows 8. You can read the reviews here:

November 13th, 2013

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