iOS and Android compatible data visualizations with Perfect Widgets 2.0

Ekaterina Nebogina

Perpetuum Software announces the availability of Perfect Widgets 2.0, a HTML5 gauge component able to create rich data visualizations for any web-based applications and all platforms including mobile.
iOS and Android compatible gauges
Growing mobility of people all over the world and availability of various devices able to connect to the Internet virtually in any location make it vital to get access to important information including email and social media as well as complicated business analytics. Companies need to go mobile and provide access to critical information from any location and device. Cross-platform data visualizations are an ideal solution. But sometimes it requires huge effort to make an application run correctly on all available platforms.
Perfect Widgets will help to create such efficient cross-platform data visualization solutions such as dashboards and integrate them into any web-based applications: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, and simple HTML pages.
The component features improved support for touch-oriented devices. Now it’s possible to access JavaScript gauges from iPhone, iPad and Android-empowered tablets and smartphones. Complete compatibility with WinRT makes it possible to use gauges on Windows 8-enabled devices, such as Surface. Thus, the whole set of mobile platforms is covered.
The product offers a set of 300+ pre-designed gauges and a visual designer to edit the existing gauges or create new ones. Improved gauge designer reduces development time and makes creation and editing of the visual controls more intuitive and error-free. The designer features newly added tools. Simple dialogs help users create gauge structure correctly. Smart binding mechanism eliminates the need to write complex scripts to set gauge behavior. Just a couple of mouse clicks to select an item from the drop down list and the required interactivity is set. Preset collection of pointers and docking types also makes it easier to edit and create gauges.
“Creation of components for developers is quite an intricate task. From the one hand, developers are advanced users and will be able to get how to use the product in less time. From the other hand they have the main development purpose and getting to know your component is not that inspiring. So, the simpler the component is, the more willingly developers will use it. And we did much to make Perfect Widgets more intuitive and help programmers focus on more vital tasks”, states Vitaly Korney, senior software developer at Perpetuum Software.
Getting a single gauge component will allow developers to use it on various platforms and in any web-based applications. Use Perfect Widgets to become more productive and save your money and effort when developing cross-platform data visualization apps!
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October 29th, 2013

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