Track Your Business Data with New Stylish Gauges for WinForms and ASP.NET Applications

Ekaterina Nebogina

Perpetuum Software announces the release of a new version of SharpShooter Gauges which offers a completely restyled gauge designer with the new tools that optimize gauge development. The new version also provides a library of 200+ new gauges to visualize business information.
SharpShooter Gauges
“We decided to completely re-style gauge designer to make editing and creation of new gauges more intuitive and quick. We added a ribbon toolbar as in all office applications to make developers deal with the common interface. Gauge structure is now built correctly with the help of laconic wizards that help locate any gauge element precisely”, states Vitaly Korney, Project Manager at Perpetuum Software.
These new features as well as smart bindings that set gauge behavior with just few mouse clicks instead of writing complex scripts, a collection of pre-set pointer types and docking options make it much faster to edit or design new gauges.
SharpShooter Gauges 7.0 features a library of pre-designed gauges that were created especially for business applications. Developers will be able to select from 4 attractive styles that will professionally visualize critical data. It’s possible to select from various gauge types and orientations: linear (horizontal and vertical) and circular (half-circular, one-fourth, three-fourth, stretched). Such diversity of gauges makes them a good fit for any business applications to monitor company sales, website statistics, call center KPIs, etc.
“Our designers did the great job creating this new collection of 200+ gauges. Diversified styles offer an ability to select a data visualization control that totally addresses application style and purpose. We tried to provide as many gauges as possible, so that developers are able just to select the necessary one from the list and get back to the main application features”, continues Vitaly Korney.
SharpShooter Gauges 7.0 became even more powerful with the updated and more user-friendly gauge designer. It can help developers be more productive and save time and effort to add data monitoring and tracking features to the application.
Get more than 400 stunning data visualizations with this new version of the component that can be added to WinForms and ASP.NET digital dashboards in a convenient manner. End users will be delighted to use such high-quality data visualization components and it can be a decisive point when they select the appropriate solution for their business.
Download free fully functional trial of SharpShooter Gauges to evaluate these new great features…

October 7th, 2013

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