200 new business gauges added to SharpShooter Gauges 7.0

Ekaterina Nebogina

Few days ago we published a new version of SharpShooter Gauges that is a flexible gauge component for WinForms and ASP.NET Web Forms. Besides a completely re-styled gauge designer we extended a library of pre-set gauges to address business needs of our customers.
Here is a brief review of what’s included in a new gauges library.
We added 4 new styles: 2 vivid and 2 light styles.
The following gauge types were added:
Circular gauges:
circular gauges
Three-fourth circular gauges:
three-forth gauges
Half circular gauges with different orientation:
half circular gauges
half circular gauges right

One-fourth circular gauges with different orientation:
one-fourth gauge
one-fourth gauge left
Stretch gauges with different orientation:
stretched gauges
stretched gauges left
Vertical gauges:
vertical gauges
Horizontal gauges:
horizontal gauges
The pre-set gauges can be used to monitor the call center operation, company sales in different regions and customer satisfaction level.
Existing customers with the expired subscription can just upgrade to SharpShooter Gauges 7.0 while customers with valid suscription are able to upgrade free of charge.
Get access to the new collection of these professionally styled gauges and use them in your data visualization applications!
Download free trial to test the gauges…

September 17th, 2013

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