A new version of Android database designer with synchronization feature is available

Ekaterina Nebogina

Perpetuum Software announces a new version of the Android database tool – MobiDB Database Designer – able to create complex relational databases with unlimited number of tables and relations that now provides synchronization ability.
Adnroid database designer
Upon multiple requests of the users MobiDB Database Designer now features the ability to synchronize databases via the Dropbox API. Users can share a database and then connect to it from the other device, synchronize databases with automatic sync conflicts resolution. Concurrent work with one and the same database from different devices is available.
“We understand that it’s absolutely necessary to have access to the created database from multiple devices and be able to edit or add new records and then synchronize data to keep it actual on all devices. So, we offer a beta version of our synchronization tool that is now able to sync only data itself. Of course, we will further develop this feature to make structural and automatic synchronization,” says Vitaly Korney, Team lead at Perpetuum Software.
MobiDB Database Designer makes work with the stored data even more efficient and convenient. Now users can add some total data in the table view to show number of records, sum, average, maximum, minimum and other aggregated values for the selected column. This is very convenient when it’s necessary to get a quick vision of some data parameters, for example average check, or sum for all orders.
Ability to proceed to the parent table via table reference control will get users directly to the referenced record where it’s possible to get more detailed information and edit some data. It saves quite a lot of time and a user doesn’t need to remember what table and what record to open to get details and make modifications.
New templates added to the library of pre-set database templates will address some more use cases: Inventory that can help log and keep track of the office or home assets, Visited places with capturing GPS coordinates, and Project management that will allow users to manage various projects with multiple tasks and team members.
“We really like what the app begins to look like, and reviewing users’ ratings in the Play Store we are pretty sure that they enjoy using it. We are inspired by the users’ testimonials and are going to make the app even more powerful with automatic sync, nested tables, ability to export entries to PDF and share them with the selected contacts. These new features will help users be even more productive in database management,” states Vitaly Korney.
MobiDB Database designer is an extremely powerful tool and a good fit for any types of users: for a cooking fan collecting recipes, or a business user keeping sales records, or just a person addicted to data cataloging and systematization. Try it for your data management needs!
MobiDB Database Designer is available on the Google Play Store…

October 28th, 2014

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